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  • Micro-dermabrasion

  • Organic Peeling 

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Dr. Mohebban

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  • Post-Lipo correction

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In Business since 2002

Farhad M. Mohebban MD is a Board Certified Physician, and member of the American Society For Laser Medicine and Surgery and American Academy of  Cosmetic Surgery specializing in Aesthetic, Medical, Laser treatments, and Body Contouring. Dr Mohebban’s education and experience lend themselves to overseeing a state-of-the-art medical practice. His artistic reputation and perfectionist standards are renowned for restoring and maintaining patient’s optimal health and beauty. He takes pride in individualizing the best treatment options available to each of his client’s needs. 
​Together with his staff at Sensual Aesthetics, Dr. Mohebban brings to you the latest products, treatments and techniques in order to provide the most effective results with minimal or no down time.
  • Skin Pigmentation Improvement
  • Laser Vein treatment

  • Laser Hair Removal

At Sensual Aesthetics, we offer a wide array of the finest treatments including Facial Skin Pigmentations, Facial skin Tightness and rejuvenation, wrinkle Reductions,  Acne scar laser treatment, Facial anti-aging, Botox, and hair removal treatments.

Whether you have minor skin problems or want to significantly improve your overall appearance, our individually-tailored corrective treatments have the highest level of effectiveness and safety.

All treatments are provided at our modern facility in New York City, personally by the expertise of Dr. Mohebban, a highly trained and well-respected Board Certified physician. 

Sensual Aesthetics

  • Liquid Facelift

  • Laser  Cellulite Improvement

  • Surgical Scar Removal